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Dizionario Aragonés-Basco, Nuebas pachinas[editar]

Ola Buenas!! Autualmente soi fazendo txino txano iste dizionario bilingüe y tengo un dandalo sobre una coseta que e beyito. Y ye que al fer nuebas pachinas, ye dizir, d'as diferens letras: aragonés-basco_a, aragonés-basco_c, aragones-basco_e... istas fuellas nuebas no contan como nuebas páchinas d'o biquizionario. No más yera por si belún me puet esplicar como funziona ixo

Grazias!--Muyindo granotas 11:26 31 abi 2009 (UTC)

En teoría sí que cuentan como articlos. Yé fácil que siga un problema d'o tuyo navegador, que no autualize a pachina. Preba de fer-ie "F5" ta veyer si asinas funciona. --Manuel Trujillo Berges 08:46 14 chi 2010 (UTC)

Almenistradors globals / Global sysops[editar]

Ista ye una botazión ta conoxer a posizión d'a comunidat de Biquizionario sobre a posibilidat que da a nueba politica d'almenistradors globals que se ye botando en Meta (m:Global sysops/Vote). Ista permite que una colla d'usuarios con pribilechios d'Almenistrador Global puedan tener dreitos d'Almenistrador en bellas wikis (más que más ye pensau en as wikis chicotas con pocos almenistradors locals). Por defecto a nuestra wiki dentra en a lista de wikis en as que istos almenistradors globals tendrán pribilechios, pero iste status se puet cambiar por meyo d'una decisión d'a comunidat en a tabierna. Un boto á fabor senifica SI á los almenistradors globals en o Biquizionario aragonés (si a propuesta m:Global sysops/Vote s'apreba finalment). Un boto en contra senifica NO á los almenistradors globals en o Biquizionario aragonés. Si o resultato final ye en contra d'a politica s'informará á Meta ta que no sía aplicata en o dominio an:wiktionary.

A fabor A fabor/A favor

En contra En contra

  1. --Willtron 08:32 14 chi 2010 (UTC)
  2. --Manuel Trujillo Berges 08:42 14 chi 2010 (UTC)
  3. --Lascorz (Quiers cosa?) Escut del Sobrarbe.svg 10:55 14 chi 2010 (UTC)
  4. --Zésar (CHV) (O mío Buzón de Correus) 16:16 16 chi 2010 (UTC)
  5. --Juanpabl 20:07 17 chi 2010 (UTC)
  6. --EBRO 07:58 18 chi 2010 (UTC)

A fabor Neutral

Feito en a meta-wiki (rechistro). --Dferg 19:29 25 mar 2010 (UTC)

Fundraising 2010[editar]

Hello Wikimedians,

As many of you are aware, we are now two months away from the Fundraiser for the Wikimedia Foundation, 2010. We have lofty goals, and we can meet them and exceed them!

The meta translators are already actively engaged in the annual drive to distribute our messages and we encourage you to do the same, but we would like to point everyone to the developments we've made in banner messages- from creation to commentary to the ones that will go live for test and for the drive itself in November. It's one of our goals to make sure that all volunteers know that there is a place for them in the Fundraising drive. We've started the setup on meta for both banner submission, statistical analysis, and grouping volunteers together that would like to find specific focus and work in that area.

This year the Wikimedia Foundation is taking a proactive stance in reaching out to each and every Wikimedia project and volunteer to find innovation, collaboration, and collation of ideas from the community driven process. The staff working on this is comprised of long-time Wikimedians with as much care and concern for the success of this drive as the volunteers, and we want you to actively participate and have a voice.

Use the talk pages on meta, talk to your local communities, talk to others, talk to us. Engagement is what we strive for, without each other we would never had made Wikimedia succeed. Everyone is welcome to contact any of us on staff at any time with a timely response to follow. We actively encourage focusing discussion on meta so we can all work together.

Please translate this message into your language if you can and post it below.

See you on the wiki! Keegan, WMF Fundraiser 2010 03:12 13 set 2010 (UTC)